Background and activities

I'm an architect, an educator, and since October 2014 a PhD Candidate within the project "Architectural theory and transformative learning in architectural projects from concept to realisation." About my background, please see my CV.

The aim of my current research is to propose spaces for critical making and thinking within the architectural education. In other words, to question presumptions about how architecture is taught and what kind of knowledge an architect needs and produces. At the core of my project lies the understanding of history, making and learning as intertwined processes where matter and thought contradict each other. I propose that these contradictions may be recognized as possibilities for transformations of the field of architecture and the role of the architect. 

The research includes philosophical and historiographical investigations as well as experiments with spatial constructs and architectural representations. Within NTNU, it is connected to TRANSark - Centre for Transformative Learning in Architectural Education and the Master studio "Making is Thinking." 

Main supervisor: Associate Professor Eivind Kasa, NTNU. 

(Photo: Krut Zetterlund.)