Background and activities

The aim of my PhD project is the comprehensive description of microclimatic parameters influencing the energy and emission balances of zero emission buildings and neighborhoods in Norway. The performance of those neighborhoods is to be investigated and described from a multi-scale perspective, as the magnitude of climatic impacts is related to the scale and type of surface modification.

The main objectives are:

  • Analyze the climatic data, the pattern and size of neighborhood types (morphology, land cover, geometry and structure) and the properties of materials used in Norway and which materials are of advantageous use in cold climate
  • Set up and validate numerical simulation models of selected ZEN pilot projects or other representative buildings in the designated simulation environment
  • Perform numerical simulations (ANSYS Fluent) to evaluate the impact of microclimatic parameters and physical properties of the urban fabric on the energy and emission performance of zero emission buildings and neighborhoods
  • Develop solutions for optimal environmental quality of zero emission neighborhoods, define measures for the climate adaption to enhance the transition to a low carbon society and support urban planning professionals in their decision making process
  • Scientific, academic and artistic work

    Part of book/report

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