Background and activities


DNV GL sponsored Professorship in Subsea Process Systems Engineering

Currently Visiting Professor at MIT

Research interests

My research interests are within the field of process systems engineering, with a strong focus on modelling, numerical optimization and control. By linking methods from optimization and control theory, my goal is to systematically develop practically applicable solutions for operating process systems in a safe, reliable, and economical way.

Topics in this area include

  • Optimization-driven methods for optimal operation and control strategies
  • Real-time optimization and predictive control
  • Quantitative data methods for optimization and control of process systems

Current research projects

  • Fast hierarchical economic optimization of dynamic systems, FRIPRP/IKTPLUSS Young Researcher Grant funded by the Norwegian Research Council
  • Estimation of unmeasured process variables for subsea processing systems, Funded within the SUBPRO center for research-based innovation SUBPRO SFI
  • Operational strategies for extending the remaining useful life of subsea processing systems, Funded within the SUBPRO center for research-based innovation SUBPRO SFI


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Verheyleweghen, Adriaen; Jaeschke, Johannes. (2018) Self-Optimizing Control of an LNG Liquefaction Plant. Journal of Process Control.










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