Background and activities

Experienced leading construction engineer with demonstrated experience in the oil and gas industry and in utility construction. Reference is made to experience with the development of the Fastrudl program, analysis, and design of a number of jackets as well as floaters and ships.

Has also demonstrated and had leading roles in research and development within the topics testing and development of railings, in the committee CME Europe, as well as the use of the bridge type network arch. The specialty of bridges has otherwise been cooperative bridges in steel and concrete.

Can refer to lifelong learning based on experience with the construction of homes and industrial buildings from the age of 12. 

Can refer to having different roles in construction design and construction environments. Everything from construction engineer to project manager, general manager, and middle manager roles. The main emphasis has been on engineering and new construction but has also had major modification assignments in the North Sea and on land. Can refer to follow-up and roles in various workshops nationally and internationally.

This is the starting point used in the work with the development of subjects and project activities at NTNU.

Has since 2015 developed the subject "Design of ocean space structures" based on NORSOK and Eurocode. In parallel to this, a lot has been done with various student projects and problem-based learning (PBL) in addition to defining and implementing other student group assignments, special bachelor assignments. As of 2021, this includes approx. 150 group assignments.

Real-time monitoring of structures has been an important topic in addition to teaching with research funds from the regional research fund in collaboration with the company Ferrx has been important. In this connection, it has been linked to the project "Smarter maintenance", which is a collaborative project between the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and NTNU.

Small and medium-sized production companies often fail when it comes to research and development funds. There have been various activities around this since 2016.

TKJE3008 - Introduksjon til olje- og gassindustrien (vibrasion og noise challenges)
TBYG 3019 Statikk og Betong 2 (Concrete subject)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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