Background and activities

I am working as an Associate Professor in heritage studies at the Department of Historical and Classical Studies. My current research focus on memories of slavery/slave trade and colonialism in West-Africa and Scandinavia. I am teaching several courses in cultural heritage studies at the BA and MA levels. In addition, I teach the courseHIST1000: History in society. I also supervise students in cultural heritage studies as well as history.  


  • African history and heritage
  • Colonialism
  • The transatlantic slave trade
  • Vest-Africa/Ghanaian history
  • Memory of the transatlantic slave trade 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Hove, Jon Olav. (2020) A Contested Global Memory Space: The Establishment of the National Museum of Ghana. Locating the Global: Spaces, Networks and Interactions from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century.
  • Hove, Jon Olav; Osei-Tutu, J. Kwadwo. (2019) Regulating Oil Concessions in British West Africa: The Case of Nigeria and the Gold Coast during the Colonial Period. The Political Economy of Resource Regulation: An International and Comparative History, 1850-2015.
  • Hove, Jon Olav. (2018) Forts and Castles in the Colonial Period: Uses and Understandings of the Pre-colonial Fortifications. Forts, Castles and Society in West Africa: Gold Coast and Dahomey, 1450–1960.
  • Hove, Jon Olav. (2017) Recreating Pre-colonial Forts and Castles: Heritage Policies and Restoration Practices in the Gold Coast/Ghana, 1945 to 1970s. Shadows of Empire: New Perspectives on European Fortifications in West Africa.
  • Hove, Jon Olav. (2013) The Volta River Project and Decolonization, 1945-57: The Rise and Fall of an Integrated Aluminum Project. Aluminum Ore: The Political Economy of the Global Bauxite Industry.


  • Bäckström, Mattias; Tretvik, Aud Mikkelsen; Hove, Jon Olav; Müller, Insa. (2020) Innspill til Høringsutkast til etiske retningslinjer for norske museer, Norsk ICOM og Norges museumsforbund (ePhorte saksnummer 2020/16248). 2020.
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  • Hove, Jon Olav; Hernæs, Per Oluf; Osei-Tutu, J. Kwadwo. (2013) Development and Decolonisation: The Gold Coast (Ghana), 1940-1957. 2013. ISBN 978-82-471-4648-4.