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My areas of interest lie within theoretical philosophy (mainly in the analytic tradition), especially philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology/cognitive science, epistemology, philosophy of science and philosophy of language. Most recently I have become interested in broad issues concerning how language and mind should be seen as relating to or fitting into reality, and with metaphilosophical questions concerning the interrelationships between representationalism, realism, naturalism and the possibility of substantive metaphysics, often taking my lead from pragmatist (or at least neo-pragmatist) thinking. Two of my recent papers concern, respectively, exploring how we best should understand an externalist or relationalist view of perceptual experience and its epistemological significance, and critiquing Huw Price's global expressivism programme conceived as a form of naturalistic pragmatist alternative to traditional physicalism. page (online papers/preprints, CV)

Representationalism or Anti-represesentationalism?

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