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Understanding the determinants of adaptation in natural populations is central to predict how organisms respond to global crises such as habitat loss and fragmentation, pollution, invasive species, overexploitation, and climate change. It is also key for biodiversity management since it informs us on the distribution of functional diversity and on the adaptive potential of natural populations.

The overarching goal of my research is to understand how various conditions, including ecological heterogeneity, genomic architecture, population connectivity and life history, influence ecological versatility in natural, human-disturbed and exploited populations. To do so, I study the evolutionary ecology and population genetics of various organisms across large and ecologically diverse landscapes. The results help us to determine how organisms persist, adapt to different environments, and diversify. 

My current study systems include the water flea Daphnia magna, Darwin’s finches from the Galápagos Islands, three-spined and nine-spined stickleback from Belgium and the Netherlands, passerine birds from the Eastern Arc Mountains in Kenia, and pelagic clupeid fishes from Lake Tanganyika.



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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