Background and activities

I have a background in civil engineering. I specialized in offshore wind energing with a MSc Offshore Engineering and Dredging (TU Delft) and a MSc Technology-Wind Energy (NTNU).

My PhD research focuses on improving the basis for structural design. In particular, I pursue the development of an integrated life-cycle design framework, in which structural design can be assessed within a holistic representation of the structural service life. 

Structural optimization is motivated by economical and (most improtantly) environmental considerations. With this in mind, non-structural measures, which come with a low economical impact, gain a more important role. Non-structural measures are those measures that do not consist of adding additional structural material in order to increase the structural safety. Examples are the acquisition of additional  information by using structural health monitoring techniques or with in-situ inspections. Integrating the acquisition of structural information within the different phases of the life-cycle of a structure (design, reassessment, inspection and maintenance, etc.) may improve the way the societal resources are invested in the infrastructure sector. 

The quantification of the value of potentially acquired structural health information is key for the development of a rational framework for efficient planning of structural systems and to establish a more coherent interface between desing and operation. The employed methods include an explicit treatment of uncertainties and a probabilistic decision framework modelled with Bayesian networks.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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