Background and activities


Mental health nurse, Master degree in Helath Science, NTNU (2009), PhD in Health Science, NTNU (2018). I have clinical experience from different pychiatric hospital wards, and is particularly interested in how to provide good mental health care to people who have attempted suicide and/or who contemplate suicide.  

Research interests

Suicide, suicidality, suicide prevention

Various topics related to mental health and mental health care

Research project

Postdoc project: "Treatment and care of patient in suicide risk - field study in psychiatric acute ward". The purpose of the study is  to develop new perspectives related to health workers care of suicidal patients in psychiatric acute ward. The focus is on the interactions between health workers and patients.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Hagen, Julia. (2018) Care and control - Exploring experiences and perceptions of treatment and care of suicidal inpatients in psychiatric wards. PhD thesis. 2018. ISBN 978-82-326-2893-3.
  • Hagen, Julia. (2009) Erfaringer knyttet til akuttpsykiatrisk behandling etter selvmordsforsøk eller alvorlige selvmordstanker - en kvalitativ studie. Masteroppgave i helsevitenskap. 2009.