Background and activities

Research interests

  • Pragmatics
  • Semantics (especially non-truth-conditional semantics)

I am interested in the encoded meaning of linguistic items and how these meanings together with pragmatic principles lead to specific interpretations of utterances in context.

More specifically, I have worked on topics such as referring expressions, implicatures, and pragmatic particles.

Ongoing and previous research projects to which I have contributed (or led)

  • The meaning and function of NOrwegian Tags (NOT) (financed by the Research Council of Norway 2014-2017)
  • The Distribution and Meaning of Nominal Forms in Norwegian; a Cross-linguistic Perspective (RCN grant 2007-2009). Project leader: Thorstein Fretheim.
  • BREDT - Behandling av Referanse i Diskurs Teori (Goal: automatic anaphor resolution) (RCN grant 2003-2006). Project leader: Christer Johansson.
  • Norwegian bare singulars (PhD project 1999-2003)

Small projects:

  • Pragmatic particles in Norwegian (supported by the Faculty of Humanities and the dept. of language and communication studies)
  • Language documentation and pragmatics; a study of a Safaliba pronoun (supported by the dept. of language and communication studies)
  • The unsaid; relevance theory meets authentic data (supported by the dept. of language and communication studies)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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