Background and activities

I am responsible for communication and websites at the Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging (ISB), Centre for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions (CIUS) and Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine (IKOM).

Where can you find me?

  • ISB/CIUS (3rd floor AHL): Mondays, Tuesdays and every other Friday (even week numbers).
  • IKOM (5th floor Lab): Wednesdays, Thursdays and every other Friday (odd week numbers).

What I do:

  • Disseminate news from research and teaching activities - e.g. collect, edit, and also write blog posts on #NTNUMedicine
  • Media- and public relations
  • Develop and maintain web pages
  • Media training and media awareness
  • Web traffic surveillance and reporting
  • Post information to Innsida (messages and wiki-pages)
  • Help people to use Innsida
  • Offer mini-courses on how to update My profile/employee pages

Key skills:

  • Writing for web/online journalism
  • Search engine optimalisation (SEO)
  • Communication

Previous positions:

  • Web communications officer at ISB, LBK, INM, IKM and MedTech
  • Assistant Editor at Elsevier for the following magazines: Renewable Energy Focus, Infosecurity Magazine and Reinforced Plastics
  • Freelance journalist and translator - regular contributor to APM Health Europe, and Nordic International.


  • MA International Journalism, Cardiff University, 2005-2006
  • BA German with International Studies, Warwick University, 2001-2005

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Eftedal, Ingrid; Williamson, Kari. (2016) What the immune system is up to while you’re holding your breath.
  • Enger, Tone Bull; Williamson, Kari. (2016) Hjertesykdom - mer alvorlig hos kvinner?. ABC nyheter [Internett]. 2016-11-01.
  • Enger, Tone Bull; Williamson, Kari. (2016) Hjertesykdom – mer alvorlig hos kvinner?. [Internett]. 2016-10-31.
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  • Hill, Deborah Katherine; Euceda, Leslie R.; Williamson, Kari. (2015) Furry and fit: get moving this Movember! / Barsk med bart: få opp pulsen i Movember!.
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  • Hill, Deborah Katherine; Williamson, Kari. (2014) How moustaches, mice and magnets contribute to prostate cancer research.


  • Williamson, Kari. (2013) Det første møtet – ultralydundersøkelse i svangerskapet.
  • Williamson, Kari. (2013) The first meeting – pregnancy ultrasound.
  • Williamson, Kari. (2013) Ultralyd – mye mer enn søte fosterbilder.
  • Williamson, Kari. (2013) Ultrasound – much more than cute baby photos.