Background and activities

My research focuses on public opinion in former conflict areas. How do people's political attitudes and behavior influence the transition from violent conflict to peaceful democracy? I am particularly interested in people's support for political institutions and peace-building mechanisms, as well as the consequences of political violence on people's attitudes.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Dyrstad, Karin; Listhaug, Ola. (2017) Institutional Trust in the Yugoslav Successor States: A Comparative Approach. Building Democracy in the Yugoslav Successor States, Accomplishments, Setbacks, Challenges since 1990.
  • Dyrstad, Karin. (2015) Political support in Kosovo. CIVIC AND UNCIVIC VALUES IN KOSOVO History, Politics, and Value Transformation.
  • Dyrstad, Karin; Listhaug, Ola. (2013) Citizens' Confidence in European Parliaments: Institutions and Issues. Party Governance and Party Democracy.