Background and activities

Dr Ing from the Norwegian Institute of Technology 1992 (NTH), Thesis: Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures Exposed to Transient Loading. MSc  in Structural Engineering NTH, 1981. Research background from SINTEF, NTNU and TNO (the Netherlands) since 1981, within design of load carrying structures in general and reinforced concrete structures and masonry structures in particular. Adjunct Professor in Masonry Structures at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) since 2000. Professor in Design of Concrete Structures at NTNU/Dept of Structural Engineering, since 2002. Research areas in the field of computational mechanics and structural dynamics, applications and development of FEM-formulations, including laboratory testing for verification of mechanical models and code-recommendations. More than 100 contributions in journals, conference proceedings, books and scientific reports. Member of SN/K 423, the national group connected to CEN/TC 250/SC 6.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Høiseth, Karl Vincent. (2006) Dimensjonering av murkonstruksjoner. 2006. ISBN 82-7482-073-8.
  • Høiseth, Karl Vincent. (2005) Dimensjonering av murkonstruksjoner etter NS3475. 2005. ISBN 82-7482-073-8.

Part of book/report

  • Høiseth, Karl Vincent. (2010) Kongeinngangen - laserskanning og statiske analyser. Nidarosdomen - ny forskning på gammel kirke.
  • Høiseth, Karl Vincent. (2009) Konstruksjonsprinsipper. Norsk murarkitektur.
  • Lunde, Kjetil; Rindal, Trond Bjørhovde; Vinje, Leidulv; Høiseth, Karl Vincent. (2005) Sandwich Wall of Precast Concrete Effect of Composite action on Loadbearing Capacity. Proceedings Nordic Concrete Research Meeting, Sandefjord, Norway 2005.
  • Vennesland, Øystein; Maage, Magne; Myrdal, Roar; Høiseth, Karl Vincent. (2005) Kapitler i kompendium for emnet TKT4225. Kompendium: Bestandighet, vedlikehold og reparasjon av betongkonstruksjoner.


  • Høiseth, Karl Vincent. (1999) Uniaxial tension. 1999. ISBN 82-7482-052-5.