Background and activities


Hello and welcome. This is a quick overview of my activities at MTP, NTNU.

I work mainly with testing of polymers and composites, numerical modelling, and NDE. Together with talented students and colleagues, we employ new materials and technologies while sustaining a balance between experimental work and modelling. Our lab experiments range from microscale up to full-scale testing. Computer simulations run on desktops, and on rare occasion, also on supercomputers.

Personally, I aim to be grounded and I want to reduce waste in all aspects of life.

To discuss fresh new ideas and future projects, kindly take contact.



TMM4140 - Mechanical Properties of Materials

TMM4151 - Products and Materials Testing

MAST1002 - Introduction to Mechanical Engineering


Areas of interest:

NDE; optical fibres; stiffness, strength and fatigue properties of composites; pressure vessels; optimization algorithms; numerical modelling; dynamics of materials and structures


A snapshot gallery of selected works:


Arctistic Project (ongoing)


PhD Project (ongoing): Shaoquan


Diploma Project (2019): Meelis


Master’s Projects (2018/19): Mats, Raoul


EU Project (2017): Erik


Internship Projects (2017): Claire, Clarisse


Internship Projects (2016/17): Dennis, Celine, Bastien