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  • Costa, Maria; Pinto, José; Dias, Paulo Sousa; Pereira, Joao; Lima, Keila; Ribeiro, Manuel; Sousa, Joao Borges; Lukaczyk, Trent; Mendes, Renato; Tomasino, Maria Paola; Magalhaes, Catarina; Belkin, Igor; Lopez-Castejon, Francisco; Gilabert, Javier; Skarpnes, Kay Arne; Ludvigsen, Martin; Rajan, Kanna; Mirmalek, Zara; Chekalyuk, Alexander. (2018) Field Report: Exploring Fronts with Multiple Robots. Proceedings 2018 IEEE 0E5 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Rectorate Building, Porto University, Porto, Portugal.