Background and activities

I am a Professor at the Department of Electronic Systems. He leads the Signal Processing Group. I have my MSc and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oulu, Finland. I have been with NTNU since 2006, and since 2016 as a Professor.

I have several fall / master projects available in 2021/2022:

  • Error correcting coding for Small Satellite Tracking, Telemetry and Command (TTC) ( with Gara Quintana Díaz), how to get small satellites connected in severe earth-based radio interference. Coding is the answer.
  • Machine learning for Location-based Ultra Reliabile Low Latency Communication, how to make a spatial machine learning based system for predicting wireless performance. Especially important in critical communications with extreme requirements. Future PhD topic.
  • MIMO Spread Spectrum (with KDA). Spread spectrum provides a good basis for developing secure and robust communication systems. Here with multiantenna technology for extra robustness.
  • Multipath CPM Communication Systems (with KDA). Continuous phase modulation gives efficient transmitter implementation and good spectral properties, but is nasty to receive in multipath channels.
  • Deteksjon av GNSS jammere med ML (with NKOM). Work with real life data analysis to detect satellite navigation jammers as they drive past a measuring station.
  • Smart antennas (with KDA). Ways to use multiple receive antennas for robust communication and interference suppersion.
  • Machine learning for radio based localization in Massive MIMO (Autoship SFI topic). Distributed radar-like system with cheap hardware and smart graph-based processing for positioning.


    Work Experience


    • 2016 Professor, NTNU
    • 2011- 2016 Associate Professor, NTNU
    • 2008-2011 Research Scientist, FP7-SENDORA, NTNU
    • 2006-2008 Post-doc, NORDITE/VERDIKT project CROPS
    • 1999-2006 Research Scientist, University of Oulu
    • 1994-1997 Telecommunications hardware assembly and testing, embedded software development, system testing, and project management, Elektrobit Oy, Finland

    External funding

    • NTNU PI in “Air interface development for ultra-low powered internet of things satellite applications“ (2020-2022), European Space Agency (ESA) ARTES program, prime contractor WideNorth AS.
    • NTNU PI in “User Terminal Wideband Modem For Very High Throughput Satellites (VHTS)“ (2018- 2020), funded by European Space Agency, prime contractor WideNorth AS.
    • RCN Project "Massive Simple IoT", funded by IKTPLUSS Phase 1.
    • NTNU participant in the H2020 ITN “Wireless In-Body Environment - WIBEC”, H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015, total score 94.6%.
    • Contact person for NTNU in “Advanced MODEM Techniques for Future Satellite Access Networks“ (2013-2014), funded by European Space Agency, prime contractor is Space Engineering S.p.A. while NTNU is a subcontractor.
    • Project member in “Norwegian, Bosnian and Serbian cooperation platform for university and industry in ICT R&D (NORBAS)” (2012-2015), financed by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • Project member in “Medical Sensing, Localization and Communications using Ultra Wideband Technology (MELODY) - II” (2013-2015) funded by the research council of Norway and focusing on sensing, localization, and wireless communications in medical practice.
    • Project member in FP7 SENDORA (2008-2010). The EU-FP7 focused project SENDORA received funding from the 7th framework program Call 1 Objective 1. The goal of the project is to study and eventually demonstrate the use of sensor networks for enabling cognitive radio system operation and optimization.
    • The Nordic cooperation project CROPS-2 (2008-2010) received funding from the NORDITE project by TEKES, Vinnova and Forskningsrådet. The goal of the project is to perform fundamental research in cooperative sensing in a sensor network to detect radio signals.

    Editorial Service

    Frontiers in Communications and Networking, Associate Editor 2020 --

    IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Associate editor, 2017 --

    Elsevier Physical Communication, Associate Editor, 2012-2017

    Conference organization

    Special Session Chair, CrownCom 2010, Publicity Co-Chair, Communication Theory Workshop 2011, General Chair, Third Nordic Workshop on System & Network Optimization for Wireless 2012, 2015.

    Technical Program Committees

    IEEE Globecomm, IEEE ICC, IEEE SmartGridCom, European Wireless, IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC).

    Patents and patent applications

    • US Patent 7447285: Data processing method, receiver and network element for executing a turbo principle
    • US Patent 7492844: Data processing method, equalizer and receiver
    • US Patent 7466779: Data transmission method, data transmission arrangement and base station


    Scientific, academic and artistic work

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