Background and activities

Key words

colour in architecture, perception of colour, interaction of colour, colour reference systems, NCS, visual illusions, colour theory, colour design, colour registration, visual evaluation, luminance contrast, universal design, methodology, light and colour.

Kine Angelo has 14 years of practice as interior architect in Norway, specializing in colour in architecture - both exterior and interior. She joined the Faculty of Architecture at NTNU in 2010 as a researcher and teacher.

As a teacher at NTNU she has primarily been coordinating and teaching the master course Architectural Design - room and light, Light and Colour and at EVU-courses. She has been guest lecturer at several courses at the Faculty of Architecture ans Fine Art and Faculty of Product Design, mainly teaching colour in architecture, colour theory, perseption and NCS. In 2014 she is the responsible teacher for the course Architectural Design with Light and Colour.

She has been a scientific reasercher in the project Translusent Facade, initiated by the Norwegian Reaserch Council, and in the Nordic SYN-TES project, sponsored by Konstfack et. al. In September 2012 she gave an oral presentation of the paper Colour shifts behind Modern Glazing, at the AIC conference in Taiwan.

She coorganized the Research Day - Light and Colour in 2011, an international PhD-course Nordic Light and Colour in 2012, Light and Lighting workshop with Helen Hamlyn Design Center, Royal College of Art in London in 2013. In 2014 she is coorganizing the exhibition and conference Colour in the City.

She is a board member of the Light & Colour Group at NTNU and Forum Farge (AIC Norway).

Since 2010, she has primarely worked as a colour designer in Norway and given lectures and workshops for educational institutions, organisations, companies and municipalities. Together with Trondheim Kommune, she initiated the pilot project Colour Registration in Trondheim.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Artistic productions

  • Angelo, Kine. (2018) Fasadefarger Kirkagata 17a, Trondheim. Tore Ligaard AS, Trondheim. 2018.
  • Booker, Charles Alexander; Angelo, Kine. (2018) Colour design programme for radiology department at St Olavs Hospital. St Olavs Hospital, Trondheim. 2018.


  • Angelo, Kine; Matusiak, Barbara Szybinska; Booker, Charles Alexander. (2014) Farge i byen Colour in the city. 2014. ISBN 978-82-7551-103-2.

Part of book/report

  • Booker, Charles Alexander; Angelo, Kine. (2017) Architectural colour; a discourse in the popular Norwegian press and social media 2014 to 2016. The greying of Norway. ISBN 978-5-88018-433-0. Environmental Colour Design: Theory and Practice.
  • Matusiak, Barbara; Anter, Karin Fridell; Nussbaum, Peter Stefan; Angelo, Kine; Sole, Aditya Suneel. (2013) Colour shift: perceived and measured. AIC Colour 2013, 12th Congress of the International Colour Association, 8-12 July, 2013, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Proceedings, Vol 1-4.
  • Angelo, Kine; Matusiak, Barbara; Fridell Anter, Karin. (2012) Colour Shift Behind Modern Glazing. Conference Proceedings from AIC 2012 Interim Meeting: In Color We Live: Color and Environment.


  • Matusiak, Barbara; Angelo, Kine; Fridell Anter, Karin. (2012) Veileder for bruk av translusente fasader. 2012.