Background and activities

I am an assistant professor in Norwegian for foreigners at the Institute of Language and Literature. I have a cand.philol. degree in German studies, and have been working with Norwegian as a second language since 2006.

I teach at all levels at the Norwegian courses for foreign students and employees at NTNU. I am also responsible for the website, which provides grammatical explanations for students of Norwegian as a second language.

Section coordinator, Norwegian for Foreigners (ISL), 2015-2017.

Assessment examiner, Norwegian language test, since 2017.


Academic interests


I take a special interest in how to explain complex Norwegian grammar in an easy and practical way for students with little pre-knowledge to grammar and grammatical terminology.



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Learning resources

Ullestad, Kjell Heggvold (2013). Norsk grammatikk kort forklart -

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Ullestad, Kjell Heggvold (2012). Grammatikk-tabeller. Norsk (bokmål). Akademika forlag. 2012. ISBN 9788232101191.

Other publications

Ullestad, Kjell Heggvold (2013). Esperantomiljøet i Stavanger 1905-1945. Stavangeren : medlemsblad for Byhistorisk forening 22(2), 5-17.

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