Background and activities

 Kris Kalkman has a Phd in Social Work from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and has worked at NTNU Social Research’s section Diversity and Inclusion and at Queen Mauds University College for Early Childhood Education and Care. With a master in early childhood pedagogies and background as an early childhood practitioner, he is interested in the position of marginalized children in social and educational settings, including early childhood day care. His research investigates structural and relational issues of inequity, subordination and social (in)justice and engages with the sociology of childhood and childhood studies.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Kalkman, Kris. (2019) "Barnehagelivet er ikke en selvfølge". En kvalitativ studie innføringstilbudets formål og nyankomne barns tilvenning i barnehagen. Vente, håpe, leve. Familier på flukt møter norsk hverdagsliv.
  • Kalkman, Kris; Kibsgaard, Sonja. (2019) Innledning. Vente, håpe, leve. Familier på flukt møter norsk hverdagsliv.
  • Kalkmann, Kris. (2018) Inkludering av nyankomne barn i barnehagen - spenningsfeltet mellom tilhørighet, likeverd, solidaritet og makt. Barnehagens grunnsteiner. Formålet med barnehagen..
  • Kalkmann, Kris; Clark, Alison. (2018) Here we like playing princesses - newcomer migrant children`s transitions within day care: exploring role play as an indication of suitability and home and belonging. Perspectives from young children on the margins.
  • Kalkman, Kris; Hopperstad, Marit Holm; Valenta, Marko. (2015) It takes more than just saying hello. Recently arrived migrant children`s multimodal access strategies, and social positioning work in a Norwegian Kindergarten. Lek og samspill i et mangfoldsperspektiv.