Background and activities

I am a PhD student in linguistics at The Department of Language and Literature, NTNU. The topic of my PhD project is the syntax and semantics of German and English participle constructions, with a focus on participial adjuncts. Since the spring of 2013 I have also taught a range of different courses in German and English linguistics at NTNU.

I am also a member of the research groups AcqVA and eScApeS.


Research interests

  • the grammar (particularly syntax) of modern German
  • generative linguistics
  • comparative syntax with a focus on German, English and Norwegian
  • small clauses and predication
  • adjuncts and adverbials
  • the interplay between syntax, semantics and morphology
  • general linguistic theory


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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  • Høyem, Inghild Flaate; Brodahl, Kristin Klubbo; Fischer, Silke. (2022) Participial adjunct control: a scope-based-approach. Research colloquium . Department of Linguistics, University of Stuttgart; Stuttgart. 2022-05-10 - 2022-05-10.
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