Background and activities


  • Medical studies NTNU 1993 – 1999
  • 2000 – 2005: Work as medical doctor
  • 2006 – d.d: Employed in Trondheim Kommune, currently working 20-30 % at Strindheim helsestasjon
  • 2008 – 2013: PhD in Public Health
  • 2014 – : Postdoctoral fellowship
  • Main interests: Social medicine, social epidemiology, lifecourse epidemiology, family medicine, paediatrics


PhD in Public Health 2013

Dissertation “Health, school and family factors in adolescence and labour market integration problems in young adulthood”


Research group

Social epidemiology, work and health


Ongoing projects/articles

  • Life course influences on mental health and social outcomes in early adulthood (postdoc project)
  • Risk and resilience in adolescents and young adults born preterm- A nationwide population-based register study (PhD project Christine Bachmann)
  • Health care services under pressure - Consequences for patient flows, efficiency and patient safety (grant from Norwegian Research Council 2016, start 2017)
  • Unemployment and mental health (PhD project Silje Kaspersen)
  • Gestational age and mortality (Kari Risnes)
  • Effects of multicomponent rehabilitation programs for sick listed persons with common somatic and/or mental health problems on return to work; a randomized controlled trial with health-economic evaluation (PhD project Lene Aasdal)
  • Follow-up of a cohort of severely injured patients (PhD project Oddvar Uleberg)


Other activities

Education: Lecture in clinical decision making for medical students. Lecture and participation in ph.d course SMED8002 (Epidemiologi 2).  Supervisor/teacher for groups of medical students (problem based learning group).

2014-2015: Involved in HUNT4 (Nord-Trøndelag Health Study), participant in group assessing scientific content for Ung-HUNT4 (adolescent survey), and in groups responsible for the questionnaires for HUNT4 and Ung-HUNT4.


Medical and academic interests

Paediatrics, social medicine, family medicine, preventive medicine

Social epidemiology, life-course epidemiology, health services research, health inequalities, epidemiological modelling, STATA.


Methods and data in use

  • National register data and linkages( FD-Trygd, Medical Birth Registry, The Cause of Death Registry, Prescription Database)
  • Stata
  • Epidemiological methods; sibling comparison, multilevel analysis


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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