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  • Krokan, Hans Einar; Skorpen, Frank; Otterlei, Marit; Bharati, S; Steinsbekk, Kristin; Nilsen, Hilde; Nagelhus-Hernes, T; Haug, T; Aas, Per A; Akbari, M; Skjelbred, Camilla; Kavli, Bodil. (1998) Human uracil-DNA glycosylase:gene structure, regulation and structural basis for catalysis. 1998. DNA damage and repair: Oxygen Radical Effects, Cellular Prote ction and Biological Consequences..

Part of book/report

  • Steinsbekk, Kristin Solum; Solberg, Berge; Myskja, Bjørn Kåre. (2009) From idealism to realism: Commercial ventures in publicly funded biobanks. New Challenges for Biobanks: Ethics, Law and Governance.


  • Steinsbekk, Kristin Solum; Solberg, Berge; Myskja, Bjørn; Skolbekken, John Arne. (2013) Biobank Reserach Ethics, An examination of consent, commercial use and return of research results in the realm of population-based biobanks. 2013. ISBN 978-82-471-4339-1.