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Journal publications


  • Bergsjø, Håkon; Windvik, Ronny; Øverlier, Lasse. (2020) Digital sikkerhet - En innføring. Universitetsforlaget. 2020. ISBN 978-82-15-03422-5.

Part of book/report

  • Shalaginov, Andrii; Øverlier, Lasse. (2021) A Novel Study on Multinomial Classification of x86/x64 Linux ELF Malware Types and Families Through Deep Neural Networks. Malware Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.
  • Hallingstad, Geir; Øverlier, Lasse. (2007) Traffic flow confidentiality in a future network enabled capability environment. Information Assurance and Security Workshop.
  • Øverlier, Lasse; Syverson, Paul. (2007) Improving efficiency and simplicity of tor circuit establishment and hidden services. Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies.
  • Øverlier, Lasse; Syverson, Paul. (2006) Locating hidden servers. Security and Privacy, 2006 IEEE Symposium on.
  • Øverlier, Lasse; Syverson, Paul. (2006) Valet services: improving hidden servers with a personal touch. Lecture Notes in Computer Science.


  • Øverlier, Lasse. (2007) Anonymity, privacy and hidden services Improving censorship-resistant publishing. 2007.