Background and activities

Post-doc researcher in the Bird Ecotoxicology Group investigating the exposure and effects of emerging contaminants on marine and terrestrial birds.

I gained a FINS fellowship at NTNU after being highly scored in the MSCA 2018 with the project PLAST-IMPACT, awarded with the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission. 

I completed my PhD thesis in April 2018 at the Department of Animal Health and Anatomy, Autonomous University of Barcelona. My PhD thesis dealth with the use of feathers as a non-invasive matrix to assess stress response in birds and biomonitor environmental pollutants. My research interest are now more towards the toxicity of microplastics and additive chemicals on birds. 

I have also collaborated in several international groups of research. Also, I have participated in the EU COST action European Raptor Biomonitoring Facility - ERBFacility.