Background and activities

Leif Rune Hellevik (1967) is a Professor at the Divison of Biomechanics, Department of Structural Engineering and since 2017 the Vice Dean for the master programs at the Faculty of Engineering at NTNU.

Since 2011, a primary focus of Hellevik's research has been the development of STARFiSh, which is an acronym for Stochastic Arterial Flow Simulations. In this research code models for pressure and flow waves of blood flow in arterial network  are embedded in a framework which allows for uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis of all model parameters with respect to the model predictions.

A more recent project is "My medical digital twin (MyMDT). A digital twin for essential hypertension management and treatment." By a novel combination of exercise-, hypertension-, mathematical modelling-, machine learning-, statistical-, biosensor-, genetic epidemiology- and population based reseach,  a personalized Medical Digital Twin (MyMDT) will be developed,  that serve as a transformative platform for patient specific hypertensive intervention. MyMDT shall identify, and implement, primary and secondary hypertension prevention schemes to improve individual health outcomes and reduce health care cost. MyMDT will radically improve prevention and treatment of hypertension, and bring NTNU to the international forefront of translational hypertension research.

NTNU Physiome, headed by Hellevik, is one of the R&D streams organized under NTNU Biotechnology- the Confluence of Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences and Engineering, which is one of the three enabling technology programmes at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 

In the period 2013-2015, Hellevik headed the NTNU intitiative IKTiSU, to promote the use of numerical methods and ICT in general in the enginering education at NTNU.

Scientific interests

  • biomechanics of the cardiovascular system
  • wave propagation phenomena in the cardiovascular system
  • biomechanical application of fluid-structure interaction approaches
  • mathematical modeling
  • scientific computing


TKT4150 Biomechanics
TKT4140 Numerical Methods for Engineers. Wiki


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