Background and activities

After a Master degree in Building Engineering at the University of Catania (Italy), Luca Finocchiaro moved to Scotland where he earned a Master of Architecture at the Glasgow School of Art. He worked in Barcelona twice, first as a visiting researcher at the ETSAB in UPC (developing his PhD thesis in environmental control and bioclimatic design) and secondly practicing architecture. Luca is today Associate Professor in “Climate and built forms” and program leader of the MSc program in Sustainable Architecture at NTNU. His main interest and research focus is the analysis and understanding of climate and its implementation into the architectural design of buildings able to passively address their environmental performance towards comfort. Climate and morphological parametric analyses have been, in different research projects, addressed into design guidelines for both the design of new buildings and the energy retrofitting of existing ones. In 2009 Luca was initiator of the NTNU proposal for the Solar Decathlon 2012 and later architect of the LivingLAB and Test Cell projects at the Zero Emission Buildings research center in NTNU.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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Part of book/report

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