Background and activities


In the Conceptual Structural Designing Group I am developing form finding methods with the special focus on the shells and long span structures. My work is to investigate a new numerical methods, which will make better use of digital fabrication and mass customization.


Main objectives

- creating better numerical methods for form finding

- improving the quality of the building process

- adjusting parametric platform for structural engineering according to manufacturing changes

- developing better usage of the BIM and FEM due to the digital fabrication




Research group



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Part of book/report

  • Luczkowski, Marcin; Dyvik, Steinar Hillersøy; Mork, John Haddal. (2017) Digital Structural Conceptual Design. Footbridges for Berlin.
  • Luczkowski, Marcin; Dyvik, Steinar Hillersøy; Mork, John Haddal; Rønnquist, Anders. (2017) WHY WE WILL ALL BE LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB SOON, TRUE STORY BASED ON STUDY CASE OF ORKDAL FOOTBRIDGE. Footbridge 2017 Berlin - Tell A Story, conference proceedings.
  • Mork, John Haddal; Luczkowski, Marcin; Dyvik, Steinar Hillersøy; Manum, Bendik; Rønnquist, Anders. (2017) One algorithm, two timber bridges built in Orkdal, Norway. Forum Wood Building / Nordic Trondheim 17.