Background and activities


Marcos Fernandez joined CASA in August 2018 as a PhD candidate. In September 2010, he initiated his BSc studies at the Civil Engineering School at the University of A Coruña (Spain). Throughout these years, calculation and numerical simulation of structures have become his area of expertise. As a result, the scope of his graduate dissertation (graded with special distinction), was focused on the definition of a preliminary design project of the new roof for the Local Riazor stadium (Preliminary Design Project of the New Roof for the Local Riazor Stadium).

In September 2014 he enrolled in his MSc studies at the Civil Engineering School at the University of A Coruña. At the beginning of the second term, he was offered the possibility of developing a research-oriented master thesis in computational mechanics applied to biomedical engineering in the Group of Structural Mechanics, one of the leading research groups in the University of A Coruña. His research dissertation Stress-strain analysis of abdominal aortic aneurysms considering the fluid-structure interaction was carried out together with the Vascular Surgery and Angiology department of the Coruña University Healthcare Complex (CHUAC).

Parallel to this, he developed a realistic fully detailed design construction project of the new roof for the Local Riazor stadium, where an important part of the work consisted on the calculation and definition of the roof structure, and was as well graded with special distinction (Detailed Design Project of the New Roof for the Local Riazor Stadium).

After finishing his MSc studies, in October 2016 he started researching as a structural engineer at the Group of Structural Mechanics, where he continued collaborating in one of the future research lines of his previous research dissertation.

In July 2017 he started working as a mechanical engineer at the Calculation and Simulation Department of Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia (CTAG). So far, at CTAG he has participated in 13 projects where he has conducted a wide range of numerical simulations based on the Finite Element Analysis, in order to calculate and simulate design validation plans for Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Systems.


His PhD research is a part of a larger project named Rational Alloy Design - ALLDESIGN, whose primary objective is to create a digital materials design platform for intermetallic alloy design. This project focuses on aluminium-based alloys, which are of great importance for the Norwegian industry. 

This project will investigate the physical processes behind slow-diffusion precipitation phenomena starting from atomistic scale and in silico. The goal is to develop efficient theoretical methods to understand materials properties at different length and time scales and to limit costly trial-and-error measurements in the laboratory. Such output can considerably help in materials screening and finding optimal thermochemical treatment conditions. Complementary to the theoretical work will be experimental high-resolution characterization (including the development of data processing algorithms) and validation of the theoretical results. Finally, the data from the multi-scale modelling approach will be used for digitalization of the alloy manufacturing process in the newly invested 3D stretch-bending machine.

PhD supervisors:

Main supervisor: David Morin

Co-supervisor: Odd Sture 

Scientific, academic and artistic work



  • Fernandez, Marcos; Morin, David; Hopperstad, Odd Sture. (2019) Modelling of aluminium components under large deformations. Workshop of the Aluminium Innovation Hub: Digitalisation for smart processes and product design . NTNU; Trondheim. 2019-06-12 - 2019-06-13.