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  • Holm, Mari Liavaag; Longva, Kjersti Kjos. (2019) Boundary crossing theory – a fruitful theoretical perspective to introduce to the field of entrepreneurial learning. NORSI Conference 2019 . NORSI; Oslo. 2019-01-17 - 2019-01-18.
  • Holm, Mari Liavaag; Longva, Kjersti Kjos; Strand, Øivind. (2018) Exploring entrepreneurial learning in a multilevel perspective through boundary crossing theory - a case of Norwegian nascent entrepreneurs. ISSN 2219-5572. RENT XXXII . European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management EIASM; Toledo. 2018-11-15 - 2018-11-16.
  • Holm, Mari Liavaag; Schlingloff, André. (2018) Learning by listening, or learning by doing?. Fjordkonferansen 2018 . HiVolda, NTNU, HiMolde, HVL, Møreforskning, Vestlandsforskn; Ålesund. 2018-06-21 - 2018-06-22.