Background and activities

I am director of the Thermal Two-Phase Flow Laboratory at the Department of Energy and Process Technology, NTNU.

My reserach interests are within multiphase flows, with focus on the oil and gas industry. I find the combination of experimental work and numerical simulations essential for the better understanding of these types of flow phenomena. 

I have an engineering degree in Nuclear Engineering from Balseiro Institute, Argentina, and a PhD degree in Fluid Mechanics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, Norway.


Main areas of research

  • Two-phase flow (simulations and experiments)
  • Two-phase flow heat transfer (boiling and condensation in tubes)
  • Gas-liquid and liquid-liquid separation in the oil & gas industry
  • Numerical methods for droplet and bubble dynamics (interfacial phenomena)



  • TEP4100 Fluid Mechanics
  • EP8990 Multiphase Flow
  • EP8989 Microfluidics

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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