Maria Azucena Gutierrez Gonzalez

Project Leader City Development and Culture - NTNU & Trondheim Municipality

Faculty of Engineering
+47 91897745

Background and activities

University City TRD3.0: Trondheim Municipality and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) entered into a partnership agreement to jointly develop a Univesity City. This programme builds on a long-term collaboration aiming at a more holistic approach to education, research and Innovation.

María Azucena Gutiérrez González, as part of the leader group, will focus on the area of 'city development and culture'. Her experience creating and facilitating interdisciplinary work, research and education activities will contribute to bridging silos and institutional barriers to achive the main objectives of University City TRD3.0.

  • Ensure access to relevant and updated knowledge and competence demanded by municipalities
  • Establish arenas for research base education, continuing education and training, relevant placement for students, doctoral programmes and research and innovation within areas of strategic importance for the sector
  • Establish a new model for continuous mutural competence and knowledge transferral between adacemia and municipality

Strong international background and years of experience in organizational learning, knowledge brokage, marketing and communications. Maria Azucena provides a generalist and holistic perspective to the University City TRD3.0.

Research Projects:

In collaboration with Kunstakademiet i Trondheim KiT _ Real-Time Telematic Audiovisual Improvisation (RTAI): artistic frameworks and techniques for technology enabled learning. Grant (3Mkr) provided by The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (NARP)
Coordinator - Building Capacity to Crosslink Coastal Pollution with Climate Change (BC5) – a strategic north-south-south collaboration project funded by NORAD under Norhed II (20Mkr).
PDP2 - Atlantic Observatory/EEA Grants program/Norway NTNU representative partner at the projects’ advisory group


Humanities in the Workplace (HiP) 2022 & 21 - Course responsible - Teaching, programme responsible, external partner collaborations & project definition.
Experts in Teamwork EiT Villages 2022 & 21 - Village Leader - An Ocean for All: Ocean Literacy for Sustainability
Management of NTNU Ocean's internship program and supervision of research projects linked to the internship work 2018-2022.

Educational Background:

University of León, Spain – Master’s Degree Management & Business Adm. MBA (‘98 - ’00)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands - International program Faculteit der Economie, Business Studies & Econometrics as part of the Masters Degree. (‘99 – ’00)

University of León, Spain – Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management (’92 - ’98)
Aarhus School of Business, Denmark – International program Quality Management, Marketing & Human Resources as part of the Bachelor’s (’97 - ’98)
University of Aalborg, Denmark – International program Management in an International Perspective as part of the Bachelor’s (’96 - ’97)