Background and activities

Coordinator for NTNU Oceans, one of NTNU's four strategic research areas. Through interdisciplinary cooperation, NTNU Oceans addresses complex challenges of great importance for our Oceans and society.

Specialist in Organizational Development and International Project Management, with a great interest in Interdisciplinary Research groups, Communication and Ocean Sciences. With great passion for the Oceans and a strong sense of duty towards future generations - Working hard to include young minds in our work at NTNU Oceans and to contribute protecting the environment!

Some of my tasks are to find possibilities/resources to new projects/activities and act as a broker on interdisciplinary work. With a strong international background and years of experience in organizational development, marketing and communication I provide a generalist and holistic perspective to the strategic area of Oceans. 

University of León, Spain – Master’s Degree Management & Business Adm. MBA (‘98 - ’00)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands - International program Faculteit der Economie, Business Studies & Econometrics as part of the Masters Degree. (‘99 – ’00)

University of León, Spain – Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management (’92 - ’98)
Aarhus School of Business, Denmark – International program Quality Management, Marketing & Human Resources as part of the Bachelor’s (’97 - ’98)
University of Aalborg, Denmark – International program Management in an International Perspective as part of the Bachelor’s (’96 - ’97)