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  • Kittang, Dag; Bye, Mette; Skaar, Marianne. (2018) Transforming industrial heritage: Case study of the old shipyard at Nedre Elvehavn. 2018.
  • Kittang, Dag; Bye, Mette; Skaar, Marianne; Rosen, Birgitte. (2018) The historic urban landscape PICH Case study 3 – The urban landscape of Midtbyen, Trondheim. 2018.
  • Sæther, Simen Rostad; Qiu, Xinlu; Skaar, Marianne; Røyrvik, Jens Olgard Dalseth; Nilsen, Marie; Gauteplass, Asle; Johansen, Jens Petter Kirkhus; Klöckner, Christian A.; Moe, Espen; Koksvik, Gitte; De Boer, Luitzen. (2018) Policy Recommendations: An analysis on collective and energy related decision- making processes of three formal social units. 2018.