Background and activities

I  studied Socialpedagogics at the University of Oslo and took my degree (cand.polit) in 1989. The main thesis was called: A critique of reason without gender.  A study of patriarcical leadershiip and female organising in Televerket (The National telecommunication company). This work was done as a collaborative thesis. My individual thesis was called: Woman - the link between man and reality.  My PhD is from 2009 and was done at the department of Education at NTNU. The thesis was called: Teacher Education – a work with personal language-use. Before I started working at NTNU I worked in teacher education in the North of Norway, in Alta.

My research interests are primarily about the relationship between teaching and learning and how we can understand learning processes not merely as an individual undertaking but as something which is influenced by and embedded in social and cultural contexts.  Themes that are recurrent in my research are mentoring/counselling, leadership and organisational development in education. Theoretically I am influenced by the French philosopher Paul Ricoeur and the philosopher and psychoanalyst Luce Irigaray.This means that language-use, gender and practical reason are areas I address in my research, which is for the most part theoretical.

Supervision:  at PhD and master level.

Areas of supervision/mentoring: the relationship between teaching and learning (didactics), leadership in/of pedagogical practice, mentoring/counselling, organisational and professional development in education.  Most of the projects I have supervised use a type of hermeneutical-phenomenological design.

Teaching: at the bachelor and master program in educationk

Other tasks:

  • Editor-in-chief of Nordic Journal of Education and Practice (link will come)
  • Member of Research Advisory Board, at Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, Kazakhstan, fra 2015
  • I was the PhD-coordinator at the Department of Education (NTNU) till 2016
  • Secretary General of EERA, European Educational Research Association from  2012-2016,
  • EERA - Network Represeantaive on Council,  2009-2012.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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