Background and activities

I am associate professor in interdisciplinary childhood and youth studies at the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning. I have a MA degree in social anthropology (NTNU) and a PhD in sociology (NORD university), both focusing on young people on the street in Brazil. My post doc concerned the impact of the drug trade on the everyday lives of children and youth in Brazil (NFR/NTNU).

I am the head of the research group, WorldViews, which study children’s, youths’ and families’ encounter with hegemonic, normative and taken-for-granted sets of values, worldviews and knowledge systems and seek to contribute to increased understanding and critical reflection surrounding social and cultural discourses, understandings and perceptions about childhood, youth, upbringing and family life.

I am currently teaching in courses on qualitative methods in childhood studies as well as children's rights on BA to PhD level, mostly within Mphil i Childhood Studies. I am also editor-in-chief of the academic journal BARN.  

Academic interests

  • Marginalised children, youth and families
  • Children and youths' sense of belonging
  • Children's rights 
  • Young citizenship
  • Diverse forms of child and youth migration
  • Children and youth in Latin America

Selected research projects

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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