Background and activities

I currently work with service development, in 2022/23 focusing on NTNU Sak. I have previously worked with digitalization of work processeses, innovative education and ped-tech support&development at the SU-faculty, and through BLINK learning hub. I have an interdisciplinary background with a Bachelor in Development Studies from the University of Oslo, and a Master of Knowledge Management from Nord University on sensemaking in digital collaboration.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Mørtsell, Tonje Victoria Lidahl; Cyvin, Jakob Bonnevie; Lønne, Tuva Fjærtoft; Karlsen, Håvard; Berntsen, Alexander; Nubdal, Marte; Økland, Karen Engen; Letnes, Mari-Ann; Prasolova-Førland, Ekaterina; Plissonneau, Magalie Claire; Seland, Astrid; Bergset, Malin. (2022) Emerging Education – Emerging Technology: Exploring the Emerging University. 2022. ISBN 978-82-7446-203-8.