Martin Hassel

PhD candidate (2014-2016)

+47 92011745

Background and activities

Navigator and officer from Royal Norwegian Navy // Discipline lead for marine services at Safetec Nordic // PhD in marine engineering from NTNU

Area of work

Risk and safety for marine operations, offshore activities, navigation and other maritime areas.


Skills and expertise

  • Risk analysis
  • Risk modelling
  • Facilitator / Project Manager
  • Navigation
  • First aid
  • Presentation technique and design



  • PhD in Marine Engineering (NTNU)
  • Deck Officer Class 4 (First Officer)
  • GOC Radiooperator
  • Officer Training School - Navy

Work experience

  • Discipline Lead / Senior Safety Engineer at Safetec Nordic
  • Liaison officer Royal Norwegian Navy / NATO (NCAGS)
  • Main instructor for the Norwegian Maritime Evening School in Trondheim
  • First Officer on MS Ladejarl
  • Commanding Officer in the Royal Norwegian Navy
    - Navigator
    - Weapons officer
    - Communications officer
    - Medical officer

Other interests

  • TEDxTrondheim /
  • Racketball
  • Boardgames / Computer games
  • Outdoor life (hiking / skiing)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Asbjørnslett, Bjørn Egil; Hassel, Martin; Hole, Lars Petter. (2010) A comparative study of vessel accident databases from a risk management perspective. Reliability, risk and safety : back to the future.