Background and activities

I am a Ph.D. Candidate at the department of psychology. My current research is in the field of long-term sick leave and return to work.

I am affiliated with the research project "Motivational interviewing in long-term sickness absence: A randomized controlled trial with mixed methods". This project is a cooperation between the Department of Public Health and Nursing (ISM), the Department of Psychology (IPS) at NTNU, and the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). This project attempts to measure the effectiveness of motivational interviewing as a counceling technique used by NAV to help long-term sick listed achieve a faster return to work.

In my PhD project I attempt to examine how the sick listed at an early stage of long-term sick leave view their work ability and quality of life, and how this is associated with other factors (e.g. symptoms, family situation, personal- or other factors).


Research interests:

  • Work and health.
  • Long-term sick leave and return to work.
  • Public health and inequity in health..
  • Human factors and safety.



  • Representative for the temporary employees at the department board at IPS, NTNU (2017-2018).



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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