Background and activities

Development of a heterogeneous catalyst with high stability for selective hydrogenation of biomass-derived oxygenates streams, through the study of the reaction of hydrogenation of hydroxyacetone to 1,2-propanediol.
BiO4Fuel centre (Research Council of Norway) in collaboration with Haldor-Topsøe Research Centre (Lyngby, Denmark).

- Activity tests on catalytic powders in micro and pilot scale experimental rigs. Product analysis with GC and GC-MS.
- Preparation, acid and heat treatment of platelet carbon nanofibers and preparation of Cu catalysts.
- Characterization techniques: nitrogen adsorption (BET), N2O and CO chemisorption, temperature programed techniques (TPX), thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), x-ray diffraction (XRD).

- Teaching: laboratory experience on heterogeneously catalyzed reaction. Product analysis with micro-GC (third-grade students of reactor technology and separation technology).