Background and activities

Mathieu Lacroix is a Canadian-born, Norway based producer and composer. His main fields of interest and work are: music technology, classical music recording, sound programming, contemporary composition, real-time electronics, score following,  etc.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Artistic productions

  • Lacroix, Mathieu. (2018) Anomie. Anomie
  • Lacroix, Mathieu. (2018) North Star. North Star
  • Lacroix, Mathieu. (2018) Threnody. Threnody
  • Lacroix, Mathieu. (2017) Modul_01. null
  • Lacroix, Mathieu. (2017) Studie IV. null
  • Lacroix, Mathieu. (2017) Studie V - Achernar. null


  • Lacroix, Mathieu. (2017) Adaptive Parameters in Mixed Music. 2017.