Background and activities

Areas of speciality/Fields of responsibilityEmployed as a engineer at the institute for biotechnology

* Make orders for the employees, registration of goods and controlling the invoices using BasWare PM and IP.

* Orders of instruments for the labs.

* Responsible for waste disposal from the labs

* Eco Online responsible (list for datasheets and registration of placements of chemicals)

* Member of technical group and administrative group

* General service

* Soon: Accociating with the enviromental engineering and reactor technology group. 

* From earlier woring places I hyave been responsible for running ABI sequencing machine with sequencing and fragment analysis, GC, PCR mm.

* Had a career as the institutes safety representative at IBT.


Educated at Østfold Engineering Highscool, chrmistry line with specialication in biotechnology and instrumental analysis. (1989-1992)

Working at HIST - Department for nutritional analysis (aug. 1992- nov.1997)

Working at UNIGEN, Sintef B (des. 1997-may 2003)

Working at NTNU, Institute for biotechnology (may 2003 - may 2019)

Working at NTNU, insitute for chemical processing (junr 2019 - ...)