Background and activities

Professional Experience: 1984: Technical Advisor, Aalborg Cement Factory, Denmark; 1985-87: Project Engineer, COWIconsult, Denmark; 1987-1989: Consultant for Golden Bay Cement Co. Ltd., New Zealand; 1989-1991: Chemical Engineer/Project Manager, G.M. Idorn Consult A/S, Denmark; 1991-1999: Senior Engineer COWI, Denmark,1999-2012: Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark (DTU); 2010-: Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Scientific focus area: structure–property relationships, porosity characterisation, cementitious materials, fresh concrete properties, property development, solid/pore-liquid interaction, durability, reinforcement corrosion, sustainability.

Supervision of students

  • PhD theses supervisor: 26 in total. Main supervisor for 12, co-supervisor for 14. Current: Main supervisor for 2. Co-supervisor for 7 (3 at NTNU, 3 at DTU, 1 at Århus Univ.)
  • Post Docs supervisor: 2, 1 ongoing at NTNU
  • TRANSCEND, Marie Curie Initial Training Network, European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) grant agreement 264448 (Training Manager - courses)
  • NANOCEM, Marie Curie Research Training Network (Training Manager)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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