Background and activities

In 2018 I defended my Thesis which showed that calf raise exercise in patients with intermittent claudication improves clinical symptoms. Furthermore, this effect was related to changes in mitochondrial function (powerplants of the cell) in the calf muscle. 

The Norwegian Society of Vascular Surgeons has know planned to further explore the effect of this exercise in a national random clinical trial.

Furthermore I have an appointment as  associate professor in Anatomy. At the moment I am involved in teaching anatomy of the Muscular System to first-year student at the Medical Faculty, NTNU.

As a clinician I have worked as a general surgeon for several years and performed different operations in pediatric, gastric, vascular, breast and endocrine surgery and urology. 

I am a spesialist in Familiy Medicine and had I my own general practice in Trondheim until 01.01.21. 

Since than I concentrate on improving anatomy teaching at NTNU. My science field is medical education.