Background and activities

Research  I use a phylogenetic approach to studying a range of biological aspects in various groups of plants (e.g. the Lamiaceae) and fungi (incl. lichens), from population to family level. I frequently include archived collections (i.e. herbarium and fungarium specimens) in my research and use recently developed statistical tools for data analysis. I co-lead the researcher group Integrative Taxonomy and DNA-barcoding (TAXA) with Torbjørn Ekrem. I am actively participating in the groups Bio3D (NTNU) and ISOP (NHM, UiO). 

Scientific collections  I am curator of vascular plants at NTNU University Museum (herbarium TRH) and fungi at NHM, UiO (fungarium O). 

Teaching  The past few years, I have been teaching on the NTNU course BI1002 (Faunistics and Floristics) and the ForBio course DNA barcoding - from sequences to species.

MSc project in biosystematics / conservation genetics? We offer MSc projects on both plants and fungi. See this page for short description of ongoing projects.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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