Background and activities

My interests span from design and development methodologies to the effect of technology on society.

Ongoing research topics are user-centered design, agile methodology, design methodology, service design, universal design and inclusive design, pedagogical theory, human-centered and user-involved research, evaluation techniques, accessibility and human-computer interaction and social and organizational issues related to technology.

Current research is focused on methodologies, epistemologies and best practices related to universal design, the agile/UX merger and exploring universal design quality aspects.

These days I’m mainly working on my PhD, tentatively named Assuring Universal Design in the eSociety – Towards Understanding the Effects of Design Methodology. Here, the aim is to improve knowledge on how to ensure inclusive ICT systems and services. Focus is on design and development methodologies, investigatinging the relationships between external process factors, methodological stances, methodological practices and end results.

My background is in Informatics from UiO. Examples of previous research and development projects are multimodal interfaces and speech technologies auch as computer interaction for persons with Parkinsons disease, prototyping VOMOTE Norwegian speech recognizer and prototyping a child’s synthetic voice for children needing AAC, and universal design evaluation and assessment such as of pedagogical online courses, DAISY reading system and digital exam solutions.

Emerging new interests are health services, disability views and universal design for learning.

I’d say my expertice currently lies in inclusive- and universal design methodology, usability testing, human-centered research design and data analysis, requirements specification, disability issues, system development methodology, project management and – as an added bonus – audio description for visually impaired.

I’ve taught and examined courses on topics such as user-centered design, prototyping, design methodology, creativity and innovation, research methodology, literature review, web development, project management and software engineering.

Feel free to contact me for collaboration or industry input on what I should focus on going forward.

I’d rather be relevant than be right!