Background and activities

I am affiliated with HPC-Lab at IDI-NTNU as a Researcher. The work is funded by an EU project CloudLightning with the overall objective to benefit HPC with hetergenous based cloud architecture which is self organizing and self managing as per the requirements of the task [for further detail, visit]. 

CloudLightning implements three use cases: oil and gas exploration, genomics and Ray tracing. A major part of the NTNU contribution to this project is the oil and gas exploration use case where the target application is the upscaling module of an open source reservoir simulator OPM []. This is where my oil and gas background along with experience in programming come in handy.

Area of Work

  • Heterogeneous computing.
  • Application of upscaling module of open source reservoir simulator OPM on  Heterogeneous infrastructure (CPU-GPU).
  • Integration of OPM with cuda-based library AmgX for GPU support.
  • Optimization of existing PETSc-OPM integrated code.

Projects deliverables



  • PhD, Microscale modeling of gas hydrates in reservoirs, University of Bergen, 2013.
  • MSc Mathematics, Quaid-i-Azam University, 2004

Work Experience

  • Researcher, IDI-NTNU, 2016-current
  • Postdoc fellow, SINTEF Digital, Mathematics and Cybernetics, 2016-2017
  • Petroleum engineer, Petrostreamz, 2014-2015
  • Research Manager, NESCOM-Pakistan, 2002-2007