Background and activities

Nathalie Jurisch-Yaksi is a group leader at the Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine at NTNU and an Associate Professor (10%) at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience. 

Her research program aims at understanding cellular and molecular principles regulating the development, physiology and diseases of the nervous system. Her laboratory is particularly interested in one subcellular structure, the cilium, which play both signaling and mechanical functions, and in ependymal cells and astroglia, which are non-neuronal cell types of the brain. 

Her team uses the genetically tractable small model organism zebrafish and a combination of techniques including genetics, molecular and cell biology, functional imaging, quantitative behavioral assays and applied mathematics.

The aims of her research program are to:

1. Unravel the cellular, genetic, and biophysical properties of motile ciliated cells 

2. Unravel the function of motile ciliated cells in the nervous system 

3. Identify the impact of primary cilia in neuronal development 

4. Identify the role of astroglia in brain development and physiology 

Team Members

Postdoc: Dr Inyoung Jung

PhD students: Mert Ege, Percival D’Gama and Sverre Myren-Svelstad (co-supervisor)

Medical students: Ahmed Jamali

Technician: Andreas Nygård

Master students: Jakob Stenersen (NTNU Molecular Medicine) and Hina Saif (NTNU Neuroscience)

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