Background and activities

Niels is a postdoctoral researcher in sports science. He studies organisational culture and power relations in elite sports organisations in the UK, Norway, and Denmark.

Niels obtained his PhD from Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK. In the research, he collaborated with several Olympic sports organisations, the FA, and Premier League football clubs.

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Feddersen, N. B., Morris, R., Storm, L. K., Littlewood, M. A., & Richardson, D. J. (2020). A Longitudinal Study of Power Relations in a British Olympic Sport Organization. Journal of Sport Management, 1–13. 

Feddersen, N. B., Alexander, M., Keis, B., Elbe, A., Bygballe Keis, M. A., & Elbe, A. (2020). Coaches ’ perceived pitfalls in delivering psychological skills training to high-level youth athletes in fencing and football. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, 1–12. 

Feddersen, N. B., Morris, R., Littlewood, M. A., & Richardson, D. J. (2020). The emergence and perpetuation of a destructive culture in an elite sport in the United Kingdom. Sport in Society, 23(6), 1004–1022.

Tahtinen, R., McDougall, M., Feddersen, N., Tikkanen, O., Morris, R., & Ronkainen, N. J. (2019). Me, Myself, and My Thoughts: The Influence of Brooding and Reflective Rumination on Depressive Symptoms in Athletes in the United Kingdom. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, January 2019, 1–20.

Feddersen, N. B., Morris, R., Abrahamsen, F. E., Littlewood, M. A., & Richardson, D. J. (2020). The influence of macrocultural change on national governing bodies in British olympic sports. Sport in Society, 1–17.

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  • Feddersen, Niels Boysen. (2021) The Emergence and Perpetuation of a Destructive Culture in a British Olympic Sport. Creative Nonfiction in Sport and Exercise Research.
  • Feddersen, Niels Boysen; Halsted, Laurence. (2021) Supporting athlete careers and retirement from the vantage point of smaller national governing bodies. Developing and Supporting Athlete Wellbeing: Persen first, Athlete Second.