Background and activities


- Making is thinking research by design, investigating the boundaries of architecture by developing and disseminating a wide range of creative tools and learning methods.

- Hands-on exploring of material and artistic initiatives creating tectonic- and architectural design developing circular and traditional craft knowledge - comprehension of materials, material property and innovative use of a wide range of local materials and reuse of composites / bricollage techniques.

- Critical discourse through research by design and full-scale pedagogies, discussing arctic common programs, public space, and residential/housing projects- by challenging tectonic choices, body habits and exploring further our understanding of the occupation of space and coexistence.


Profile keywords  Making is thinking and TransArk/ Design methodology. Radical/Full-scale pedagogy. Pedagogical philosophy. Architectural education as problem-based learning. Local material resources, innovative material use. Residential/ housing. Public program. Dramaturgy/ Narratives of place. Traces. Lines. Contact zones.

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Links: (a pedagogical development centre focusing on effects from initiatives of active learning processes) (workshops/events/basic- and master courses) ("Årstidshus" examines temporarily unused local material resources such as clay, yakisugi/ charring as a facade technique, and a hybrid energy solution).

Through the project ÅRSTIDSHUS (Gjerde +Haarsaker/ SUNNE HUS, 2014), I have continued developing my design practice with an emphasis on investigating hands-on and artistic reinterpretations of the local knowledge of site, materials and techniques. The partly self-built project, widely disseminated through publishing, guided visits and presentations, is a valuable input in the Nordic architecture debate and has inspired master students and colleagues towards further development of the potential alternative energy solutions and temperature zoning together with investigating the use of local material resources. Former architectural practice and through the supervision of master´s /diploma students I have experience in scales from 10sqm up to 18000sqm from concept to construction, detailing and realization- with special attention on housing, schools and libraries.

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The task is often unclear and complex with different interests to be safeguarded, finding the best solution often depends on a creative imagination. The thing we know for certain is that the future contains increasing uncertainty. The students need to (re-) learn that the right answer is not always the most important or beneficial result. For me the most important to challengene ourself on, is to continue playing and giving place to wondering, and finding the constructive critical questions.

Inspired by Donna Harraways notion of ContactZone- the learning of the encounter- and always becoming and constantly changing, I believe we need to expand our awareness by giving more value to the walkbaout manner of silent way of co-exisiting..

Scientific, academic and artistic work

A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts. See all publications in the database

Journal publications

  • Rødne, Gro; Haarsaker, Nina Katrine; Gullberg, Johanna Sofia. (2018) remaking is rethinking. reACT by Design.
  • Rødne, Gro; Haarsaker, Nina Katrine. (2017) displace place display play. reACT by Design.

Artistic productions

  • Haarsaker, Nina Katrine; Olsen Smidt, Kristina; Olsen, Thomas Nikolai. (2019) SPOR, Musikalske minnespor og visuelle drømmer //Urframføring 15.juni kl 19:00 på Nyhavna, Dora 1. SPOR
  • Haarsaker, Nina Katrine. (2014) Byens farger. Colour in the city, Trondhjem kunstforening. 2014.
  • Haarsaker, Nina Katrine; Schmidt, August; Gilberg, Arnstein Olav; Melhus, Britt Renee; Aadahl, Gunhild. (2014) WOODliDO. Institutt for byggekunst form og farge, Fakultet for arkitektur og billedkunst, NTNU, Krigsseilerplassen. 2014.
  • Haarsaker, Nina Katrine; Gjerde, Sevrin. (2013) Detaljprosjekt bolig på Blaklia; "Årstidshus". Nina Haarsaker og Svrin Gjerde. 2013.

Part of book/report

  • Haarsaker, Nina Katrine; Brenk, Guro Wiksten. (2016) An inclusive aesthetic approach to full scale building. Structures and Architecture Beyond their Limits.


  • Haarsaker, Nina Katrine; Røshol, Nikolas. (2020) Arkitektur 1. En introduksjon til arkitektur. Kompleksitet og dybde. 2020.
  • Haarsaker, Nina Katrine; Braaten, Bjørn Otto; Røshol, Nikolas. (2019) Arkitektur 1. En introduksjon til aritektur. Kompleksitet og dybde. 2019.
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  • Nordby, Anne Sigrid; Haarsaker, Nina Katrine. (2014) PASSIV KLIMATISERING Flere veier til målet om passivhusnivå i Tek 2015? Rapport til Husbanken / DiBK. Husbanken. 2014.
  • Haase, Matthias; Haarsaker, Nina Katrine; Gjerde, Sevrin. (2012) Forprosjekt Blakli. 2012.