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About Ole Ivar Sivertsen, Professor

Research interests. Sivertsens research interests cover computer science applied for engineering applications focusing on simulation of behaviour and strength of compound product assemblies. The simulation techniques are based on non-linear Finite Element formulations. The research interests also include Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) for automation and optimization of product designs using KBE and simulation technologies. Research interests also include collaboration technologies and semantics used in enginering design.

Innovation.  Sivertsen had a key role in developing the FEDEM code and establishing the Fedem Technology Company.

Virtual Testing og Mechanical Systems, Theories and Techniques, Swets & Zeitlinger Publisher, Lisse, Netherlands, 2001

(Co-author with A. Marthinsen), Parallelization of Large Mechanical Engineering Codes : A Case Study of the Multibody Simulation Package FEDEM. Computer methods in mechanical systems : mechanism analysis, synthesis and optimization. NATO ASI series. Series F, Computer and systems sciences, Page 364-381, Editor: J Angeles and E Zakhariev, Springer 1998.
Non-Linear FE Approach for Flexible Multibody Simulation of Mechanism Dynamics, 1998 ASME Design Engineering Technical Conferences (DETC’98) – 18th Computer in Engineering Conference, Proceedings of DETC98 (CD-rom). Atlanta, Georgia, September 13 – 16, 1998.
(Co-author with Å.Ø. Waløen), Non-linear Finite Element Formulation for Dynamic Analysis of Mechanisms with Elastic Components, ASME Paper no. 82-DET-102, Presented at the Mechanisms Conference, Washington DC, Oct. 12-15, 1982.

TMM4225 Configuration and Use of Collaborative Working Environments
TMM4230 Technology for Integrated Operations and Semantic Web
TMM2 Product simulation
TMM14 Technology for Integrated Operations 
 MM8100 Advanced Product Simulation Based on the Finite Element Method 



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Sivertsen, Ole Ivar; Haugen, Bjørn. (2018) Automation in the Virtual Testing of Mechanical Systems. Taylor & Francis. 2018. ISBN 9780429879074.
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  • Sivertsen, Ole Ivar. (2001) Virtual Testing of Mechanical Systems: Theories and Techniques. 2001. ISBN 90-265-1811-0.

Part of book/report

  • Marthinusen, Ivar; Kalavrytinos, Christos; Sivertsen, Ole Ivar. (2015) PROPOSED EVALUATION OF THE USE OF K-BRIEFS FOR KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION IN KBE. DS 80-10 Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED 15) Vol 10: Design Information and Knowledge Management Milan, Italy, 27-30.07.15.
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  • Sivertsen, Ole Ivar; Kristensen, Kjetil. (2005) Agile, Visionary, Action-and Innovation-oriented research for reLiable, Adaptive configuration of hyBride coLlaborative working Environments (AVAILABLE). Søknad på Integrert Prosjekt (IP) i Brüssel koordinert fra NTNU. 2005.
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