Background and activities

I'm part of the translational and regenerative neuroscience group under Ioanna and Axel Sandvig's supervision, with Prof. Gunnar Tufte as a co-supervisor.

My work involves creating in vitro and in silico models of neuropathology, mainly spinal cord injury. By growing networks of motoneurons on microelectrode arrays, I can map the functional and structural connectivity of the network as it develops and see how it responds to injury and repair. 

In addition to biological modelling, these assays also form part of the NTNU Cyborg project. The morphogenically engineered biological networks form one third of the Cyborg, as activity data are streamed to an artificial neural network (created by the NTNU's Department of Computer Science), which interprets the data and feeds it forward to a physical robot (created by the Department of Engineering Cybernetics). The behaviour of the robot is then influenced by the neural network, and returns output from its sensors to teach the neurons. 

For more information on the Cyborg, or to join, please see our website here:

Our in vitro neural networks are grown both in 2D and 3D to better replicate the in vivo environment and provide a variety of networks to study. In addition, the development and response of the networks are influenced through both electrophysiological and chemogenetic modulation. 


Academic background:

  • Master in Neuroscience (MSc), Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway
  • Double Bachelor (BSc) in Neuroscience and Psychology, Keele University, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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